Monday, April 7, 2014

The "Secure" urBook$ Difference


Utilizing safe and secure document transfers is one of urBook$ most important priorities.  The days of visiting your bookkeeper with physical files / ledgers, faxing them and even 
e-mailing them are long gone.  We now know that e-mailing documents with secure items is not a safe way of communicating, yet, it is vital for our company to maintain constant communication with you regarding up to date information for your business. 

The urBook$ Client Vault utilizes Smart Vault’s safe and secure technology and portal system to save your documents in a cloud storage system that is secure and accessible to both you, the client, and urBook$ at anytime.  This provides flexibility for you to upload current data when it is convenient to you, and know that it reaches urBook$ without needing a “reply” to ensure the correct person received your personal secure data. 

urBook$ Client Vault offers these advantages to it’s clients: 

  • Authenticated log-ins and AES-256 bit encryption in transit and at rest.  Meaning, your files are safe and secure during both transfer and while being stored.
  • Compatible to view with most mobile devices such as: iPhone, iPad, Android and many others. 
  • View in browser functionality, meaning you can view documents without having to utilize data on your mobile device by downloading them. 
  • Benefits of Smart Vaults integration with Quickbooks, Microsoft Outlook and more. 

The urBook$ Client Vault offers the highest security and safety when it comes to your data and documents.  It is urBook$ goal to ahead of the game when it comes to security, and proudly utilizes technology that is certified secure according to industry standards. 

Experience the urBook$ Client Vault today and become a urBook$ client.  Serving Plano, Frisco, DFW Metroplex, Oklahoma City and many surrounding areas with bookkeeping, payroll services and bill paying services that are a step above the rest.  Not only do we offer a high level of service; we also understand the need to be easily affordable and accessible to our clients.