Thursday, August 4, 2016

Technology Is Great...But Do You Use It Correctly?

Today's world is full of the latest and greatest computers, apps, software and technological gadgets.  All of which are great; however, as a business owner, investing in some of these items can be extremely costly.  Sometimes people look to items such as organizational apps or purchasing / inventory software to help solve productivity issues that naturally arise in a business setting.  The important questions to ask when evaluating what types of things you are going to invest in would be:

1.  What problem or task am I trying to improve?
2.  Am I using my existing software and tools to their maximum capacity?
3.  Does the problem or task I am trying to improve start with the user or the software?
4. Have I weighted the pros & cons of different options for my purchase to see which one best fits my needs?

All of these questions are pertinent to ensure that you make the correct choice when purchasing technological items.  Often times people get into situations where they buy items to organize their organizers!  If this is the case then you need to stop before purchasing another item and see if you can utilize existing items to get you back on track.  Many business owners find utilizing goal setting tools such as these apps described at  Some items such as computers and software can cost into the $1,000's or more depending on the amount you need to sustain your business. Make sure you do your evaluations and homework before purchasing to ensure you have made the best choice for your business!