Monday, April 20, 2015

What to expect as a urBook$ client...

urBook$ is committed to provide services to our clients in a meaningful way.  We are not simply data input and transfers.  Below is a blog from titled "11 Expectations to Set for Your Bookkeeper."

At urBook$ we take pride in our relationship with you, the business owner, and want to make the most out of our relationship.  We strive to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction and are proud to state that we meet all 11 expectations set forth by the above mentioned blog.

If you are tired of scrambling to get the financial data straight within your business, contact urBook$ today so you can begin to focus on what YOU are passionate about, your business.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

urBook$ Utilizes Secure Smart Vault

Easy to Store, Secure to Share — Online Storage & Secure File Sharing in One

urBook$ utilizes client vault software for ease of secure information sharing.  SmartVault makes secure file sharing easy. Whether you’re sharing tax returns, legal documents, or even your secret family recipe, SmartVault gives you a single solution for storing and securely sharing your files in the cloud. Uploading files is easy — you can scan with one click, or drag and drop your files in and share them from any web browser or smartphone.
In just minutes, you can build a custom client portal for secure file sharing, branded with your company logo, color scheme, and URL. You decide who has access to what file, and each user only sees the files they’re granted access to. Automated email alerts notify your clients when new files are available, and secure links are a secure and convenient alternative to emailing documents.

More than just a cloud drive…

Enjoy all the ease and convenience of a cloud drive, but with the best-in-class security and advanced file sharing features that you need to run your business. Securely share files and stay in compliance with:
  • Power tools for secure file sharing made easy, including Inbox, Drive, and Client Portal
  • Online document storage built-in, so you can store and share files with a single solution
  • Mobile apps for secure file sharing on-the-go
  • Bank-level security with industry standard encryption of documents in transit and at rest
  • Activity reports tell you who accessed or modified a file and when – important for staying in compliance
  • You control access to every file and folder with granular user permissions
Become a urBook$ client today and experience the simple secure client vault.  You will find the convenience of up to date information that is accessible anytime between urBook$, your small business bookkeeper, and you our valued client - YOU!