Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips to For Your Business

According to it is wise to set a date each year, perhaps even more frequently, to re-evaluate your business plan and update or “clean-up” any struggling areas.  Below are 4 tips to guide you through “spring cleaning.” 

  1. Staying up to date with technology to improve your business.  Sometimes improved technological services within your industry can drastically improve your business efficiency and accessibility for your clients.  For example, is there a POS software update that allows for your business to spend less time on merchandise and more time focused on customer service?
  2. Update your website content monthly & incorporate a blog to keep your online presence “relevant” to Google. Algorithms are updated and changed constantly regarding how search engines index businesses for online listings.  One way to keep your business as high on search engine lists as possible is to keep content on your website updated on a regular basis.  One way to achieve this is a blog that streams current information regarding your business 
  3. Update your listing and memberships within the community; i.e.: BBB; Local Chamber of Commerce; any civic and philanthropic organizations you can be a part of make sure you have business info very visible for maximum exposure. 
  4. Know your demographic well and position your business to that demographic.  Every business owner would like detailed information regarding their target demographic.  If you have a specific audience you can target them directly through online marketing.  

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