Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Many small businesses struggle with creating a marketing budget and plan.  Often times you can create successful marketing campaigns within a relatively small budget.  Here are 3 tips proven to be successful on a limited budget.

1. Create Relative Content - Whether utilizing social media, blogs or electronic newsletters, make sure your content is relative to your audience.  This does not always mean your content must be related to your industry.  For example, creating content that solely promotes your business is a quick way to drive loyal clients away from your online media.  Mix up your content to include items that will engage your audience. Think about what you actually take time to read on social media / blogs and create similar content for your audience.  Conversely think of what content you skip right over and avoid it!

2. Utilize Online Media - Social media and blogs are FREE ways to generate buzz regarding your business.  Take the time to encourage your loyal clientele to engage in your online media.  Ask them to join your social media pages and follow your blog.  Inform them they will receive incentives for being great customers. Then deliver on your promise. Post exclusive promotions for your online followers.

3. Develop Online Marketing Strategies -  Facebook and Google offer ways to target very specific audiences with paid advertising campaigns.  You can set your investment to fit your marketing budget and adjust throughout your campaign.  If you are not familiar with online search engine marketing search for outsourced help with this part of your plan.  There are many experts in this field that can achieve your exact goals.  Paying for this service will be well worth your investment if you are inexperienced in online paid marketing campaigns.  Otherwise you might waste your money by paying for advertising and not actually reaching your target audience.

urBook$ is ultimately your biggest advocate as your small business bookkeeper, bill pay and payroll service provider.  Ensuring that your budget accurately reflects a realistic marketing budget is a key piece to your success.  Contact urBook$ today if you are not already a client!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 Money Saving Tips for Moms

Many families struggle with managing their monthly budget.  Often times, people find their expenses increasing at a greater rate than their income.  Below are a few tips for Moms everywhere, that can trim your expenses and free up your hard-earned money.

1. Review your monthly bills for hidden fees.  Many bills such as credit cards, wireless phones, internet and home phone bills will gradually increase over time.  Keep a close eye on your bills each month.  If you notice a trend of services and fees increasing, simply take a few minutes to contact the company and ask them why your bill continues to increase.  Often times, customer service will be able to remove the increased fees and lower your bill.

2. Set an automatic savings deposit from your pay check.  Whether it be your pay check or your partner's, set aside an agreed upon amount from each pay period to directly deposit into your savings account.  Over time you will see your savings increase.  Forbes suggests that the ideal savings amount to aim for is 3 - 6 months worth of living expenses.  Once you reach that goal, set a new one and keep increasing your savings.

3. Decrease your insurance premiums.  Many insurers will cut home owners policies up to 15% for customers that have a burglar alarm or deadbolt locks.  Similarly, many auto insurers will cut your policy rates for good driving records.  Periodically check with your insurance companies to see if there are any discounts you are not taking advantage of to lower your premiums.

4. Sign-up for rewards programs.  Many businesses such as your local grocery stores offer reward programs for the shopping you are already doing.  Make sure you take the time to sign up for reward programs at stores you frequently shop.  Then take the time to learn about the reward program to learn how your family can benefit best.  For example,  if your store offers fuel savings as a reward, make sure you take advantage of this savings.  Cents off each gallon over accumulated tanks of gas will add up.

5. Enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Many people will allocate every dollar of their budget to pre-determined expenses.  Re-visit your budget and see where you can carve out some personal spending money each month.  You might find that taking advantage of money savings tips mentioned above will free up money in your budget.  Take an agreed upon amount of that savings and divide it up for personal spending.  Allow yourself to splurge on that cute outfit you have your eye on at the mall.

urBook$ wishes all moms a very Happy Mother's Day.  Hopefully these tips will be beneficial to you and your family.  Contact urBook$ today to become a client and experience the urBook$ difference.