Monday, October 13, 2014

Keeping Your Business Focus with urBook$

With everyone riding the same “start, stop, gas, brake” roller-coaster economic cycles, it is more important than ever to know where your business lies.  Keeping a forward-looking focus isn't always easy; however, it can cripple a business if results of years, quarters, and months past continue to act as a lead weight to the company.  Lou Holtz gave a speech to the 2008 Ryder Cup team that emphasized the word WIN.  What’s Important Now?  Holtz told the players to evaluate and remember the past but focus on the future.  If you just made a bogey, what’s important now?  Your next tee shot.  If you just made a birdie, what’s important next? Your next tee shot.  You focus on one shot, one play, one drive at a time.  The US team went on the claim the Ryder cup that year, lead by team captain, Paul Azinger.  

Business owners often lament results of the past when seeing staring in their historical financial statements.  At urBook$, we believe the results of the past are important, and those results shape your future performance.  Because of this, accuracy of financials and timeliness of reporting are an integral part of our business.  Financial statements provide a window to your past, and can govern your future decisions.  Unfortunately, urBook$ can't turn a loss into a profit, or slim margins in to expense reduction, but we can provide the accounting a bookkeeping services to give your business the most accurate, real-time reporting.  Lou Holtz stressed with message with his teams at Minnesota, Notre Dame and South Carolina.  He pushed his players, coaches and staff to think only about the next play or point, not what just happened.  He urged them to be aware of what just happened, but to focus on what will happen next.  You cant drive a car without a rearview mirror; however, it still plays a vital role in the overall operations of the vehicle.  For business owners, an accurate and timely glimpse into the past can be one of the best tools for managing a focusing on future decision making.