Tuesday, July 14, 2015

5 Habits to Improve Your Credit

Whether you've skipped credit cards altogether, as about 1 in every 3 young adults opts to do, or you're ready to rebuild your credit history after years of late (or non) payments, now is a great time to get started. Consider these creditworthy habits that will help you get on the path to a high credit score – and lower interest rates on loans, as a result. 
1. Fix Your Mistakes: They might not even be your mistakes, per se, but inconsistencies can show up on your credit report as a result of errors or even identity theft. If you pull your credit report from any respectable credit agency such as Equifax, Experian, Trans Union , you can find aberrations and get them reversed as soon as possible.

2. Make Timely Payments: Paying off your bills on time each month is a surefire way to raise your credit score over time. If you miss a payment or are late, then your card issuer (or another entity that's charging you, like a utility company) can inform the credit bureaus, which will ding your score. 

3. Check Account Statements: As with your credit report, monthly statements from your bank or credit card issuer are worth combing through carefully because an errant charge is often the first sign of identity theft. If you do notice a problem, be sure to report it to your financial institution right away so it can be addressed

4. Stay Under Your Limit: One factor that influences your credit score is your credit utilization ratio – the percentage of your credit limit that you're using at any given time. You can improve it by either increasing your credit line or using less credit. Either approach can help boost your score.

5. Save Along with Paying Debts: Even if you're trying to pay off credit card or other forms of debt, it's also a good idea to channel some money into a savings account for emergencies. That way, the next time an unexpected expense comes up, you can use your savings to pay for it instead of charging more to your credit card.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Independence Day from urBook$

Let Freedom Ring! 

As we get ready to celebrate America’s Independence, urBook$ would like to thank every service member for their courage, strength and sacrifice.  The freedom we have as United States citizens allows for courage, choice and ultimately gives anyone the ability to follow their dreams.  

urBook$ is honored to have courageous clients that began their own business and followed their dreams.  Our goal is to ease financial book keeping, bill pay and payroll services that can be daunting tasks to any business owner.  

As you celebrate freedom this July 4th weekend, be safe and enjoy time with family and friends.