Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Tips to Grow Your Business

Have you ever heard of a business that is NOT interested with increasing their revenue?  Any business can benefit from increasing their bottom line and decreasing costs.  At urBook$ we are constantly researching ideas for ways to improve our clients revenue while decreasing operating costs.

Below are a few different tips that have proven to be beneficial to a majority of our clients.

1. Never be afraid to ask for help.  Often times business owners carry the weight of decision making entirely on their shoulders.  It's not that you should give up the decision making; however, you should gather insight and advice from any and every expert you can.  Humility will get you far in life....pride will only hold you back. Maybe your strong quality as a business owner is not in logistics of the business but marketing your product.  Seek advice from someone who has their strength in logistics and always be willing to give sought advice in your strong suits.

2. ALWAYS carefully plan any changes, expansion and/or anticipated growth to your business.  Strategic planning can play a vital role in the success of launching a new product, changing locations or adding a location to your business to name a few.  However, overthinking and planning can also debilitate your ability to successfully achieve these tasks.  Finding the balance between a properly planned goal and implementing the goal can be a very difficult task.  Try to find the balance and don't over analyze the steps.

3. Implementation is key.  Once you have sought expert advice, weighed pros and cons, and strategically planned out your next business you must implement.  Ideas are not expensive, implementing these ideas incorrectly can come with an extremely high price tag.  Try to always keep cost in mind when going forward with your timeline of business strategy, and GO FOR IT.  Don't let fear keep you from acting on your intuition.

If your business is not benefiting from sound bookkeeping, bill paying, and payroll services look to urBook$ to solve your small business needs.  We specialize in taking the burden of these tasks off your plate and allowing you to focus on your forte - your business! Contact urBook$ today to schedule your initial complimentary consultation and get on your way to achieving your business goals for 2015!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Setting Goals for Your Business in 2015

The dreaded New Year's Resolutions....

We have all done the usual broad personal resolutions: lose weight, save more, spend less... Have you ever analyzed how many of your personal resolutions have been successful?  According to Forbes, only 8& of people actually achieve their New Year's Resolutions! Why? Because there is no method of setting an achievable, measurable goal.

For example, if you set to resolve "to lose weight."  This term is broad.  However, if you set to lose 10 pounds in 6 months by going to the gym Mon/Wed/Fri for 60 minutes, eating out only 5 times per month, making frequent grocery store trips to ensure fresh fruits and veggies for healthy eating; Now you have an achievable measurable goal.

This same principal can be applies to your business.  Although it takes more time on the front end to strategically plan out your goals, in the long run you will increase your success rate of accomplishing your goals 10 fold.

If you have trouble goal setting as many people do, try setting your goals using the SMART method.


Taking our same goal of "weight loss" from above you can quickly see how breaking this down in to:

Specific: lose 10 lbs in 6 months
Measurable: 10 lbs in 6 month
Attainable: Work-out 3 x per week; eat better
Relevant: Eating out 5 times per month; frequent grocery store trips
Time-bound: 6 months

This takes a simple task with no limits of "weight loss" to very specific goals and limits.

Try starting 2015 off with setting SMART goals for your small business.  urBook$ can assist with your small business bill pay, account ledger, payroll and bookkeeping.  Taking these tasks and achieving your SMART goals for 2015!

Call urBook$ today to start your journey as a urBook$ client and experience the urBook$ difference today!